This Now Under-$50 Wok Is So Nonstick That Food 'Slides Off Like a Dream'

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This Now Under-$50 Wok Is So Nonstick That Food 'Slides Off Like a Dream'

As you peruse your cookware collection in the new year, you might want to consider adding a wok. These pans do just about anything a saute pan can, and then some. Yes, they produce the ultimate stir fry, but they are great to sear, steam, deep-fry, simmer, and more. With the right wok in your hands, the possibilities are endless.

Now’s the perfect time to grab one too, since this top-rated model at Amazon is 40% off if you’re a Prime Member. Shoppers say that it has “elevated their home cooking” and effortlessly accommodates all their culinary needs, making it the ideal addition to your 2024 kitchen.

The Todlabe wok offers 13 inches of preseasoned, non-stick cooking space for a wide variety of dishes. It’s made of carbon steel, the traditional metal used for woks because it is lightweight, heats up quickly, and cooks evenly. Unlike other woks on the market, this one has a flat bottom, so it works well on any type of stove, including induction. The pan’s curvature and wide, sloped sides help to distribute the heat evenly throughout the bottom surface and up the walls, cooking food faster and sealing in juices and flavor. It is almost 4 inches deep for plenty of cooking space, and weighs a little over 3 pounds, so it’s still easy to maneuver.

If you’re a cook who loves to flip ingredients with one hand, this wok has a comfortable wooden ergonomic handle that is ideally suited for this task. It comes with a lid that has a uniquely shaped wooden handle that lets you actually stand it up on the counter instead of lying it down. And it comes with a silicone spatula to help you toss foods around, too. Maintaining the pan is similar to owning cast iron — the brand recommends thoroughly drying and applying oil to the wok before storing it to help keep the non-stick surface pristine. It’ll only get better over time. 

Shoppers have given this wok over 3,300 five-star ratings for its high-level cooking performance and versatility. “This wok has totally upped my cooking game, and the nonstick coating is the bomb,” writes one customer. They report that there are “no more stuck-on messes, and everything slides off like a dream.” 

Another shopper says that it has “become an indispensable part of their kitchen” and has “never failed to impress them with its exceptional cooking performance.” Some of their favorite ways to use it include stir fries, searing meat, and simmering and steaming dishes. 

Discover for yourself how handy having a wok in your kitchen can be, and snag the Todlabe carbon steel wok while it’s only $40 at Amazon. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $40.

This Now Under-$50 Wok Is So Nonstick That Food 'Slides Off Like a Dream'

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