37 Best Car Accessories on Amazon 2024, Reviewed by Experts

Spruce up your car's interior with the most popular gadgets that have thousands of five-star reviews.

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37 Best Car Accessories on Amazon 2024, Reviewed by Experts

Whether you've had the same vehicle for years or recently bought a brand-new family car, it's never too late to revamp the car's interior and restock the essentials you'll want nearby for your next road trip. The best car accessories range from car organizers to keep the kids’ toys all together in the trunk to car cleaning products so you can clean interior car stains like a pro. We’ve rounded up the best-selling Amazon products for your car that have high ratings and fall under the $50 price tag (with just a few worthy exceptions).

When curating this list, we considered car products experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute have evaluated over the years as well as read through satisfied (and unsatisfied) customer reviews to find the best accessories worth adding to your car. You’ll find helpful all-weather necessities like a set of floor mats, to niche products you didn’t realize you needed. We left out a few trendy gadgets that may pose safety concerns when operating a vehicle; we recommend referencing the original equipment manufacturer's manual before purchasing a car accessory to ensure it's safe to use when operating your vehicle.

If you've gone through our round-up of the best Amazon car accessories and are looking for more top-rated picks, check out our guides to the best windshield wiper blades, best car paint sprayers and car cleaning kits.

It's time to finally get rid of those snack crumbs your kids have left all over your back seat. This popular car vacuum cleaner features an extension tube for getting into cracks and crevices, a brush cleaner for carpets and a flathead attachment for other hard-to-reach areas. It plugs right into your 12V outlet and its 16-foot cord makes cleaning rear areas easier. Once you're finished, pack up your tools into the handy travel bag.

Priced under $15 and available in six colors, reviewers say this best-selling car phone holder makes it easy to insert and remove your smartphone. It stays attached to your dashboard via a silicone pad on the bottom, and users appreciate that it offers a strong hold without leaving any sticky residue.

Keep your car garbage-free with this $10 trash can featuring a built-in lid and side storage pockets. Hang the #1 Best-Seller from the back of your front passenger seat headrest for easy access — just don't forget to dump it once it gets full!

Whether your car is full of beach gear during the summer, ski accessories during colder months or camping gear for an upcoming trip, the trunk can get disorganized real quick. This collapsible organizer can be adjusted to fit small and large cars with large open sections and four side mesh pockets. We appreciate the sturdy tie-down straps that will help keep the organizer in place. One five-star review writes, "Works great and looks great. I can’t imagine not having this in my trunk now."

Keep your car neat and clean with these organizing hooks. The set comes with four hooks so you can hang multiple items in your car. Simply hang them from the headrest to keep your bags from spilling over during sharp turns. One of the more than 38,400 five-star reviews writes, "They are the item you never knew you needed so much until you had it."

The glove compartment is a common storage place for important vehicle documents — but when reaching for them in a hurry, it always feels like they're nowhere to be found. This holder is basically a wallet for your registration, insurance and other important car documents, keeping them all in one organized spot.

Nothing feels easier than hopping into your car and sticking your phone onto a phone holder that magically keeps everything in place. We like this pick for its strong magnetic hold that keeps your phone attached even on bumpy roads. All you have to do is pop the phone holder into your car's air vent and stick a metal plate between your smartphone and your phone case. You can even rotate your smartphone as you drive for the best viewing angle!

Keeping a spare lip balm or chapstick in the car is essential, as is having a nifty place to store it so it's always within reach. An Amazon #1 Best-Seller with a 4.3-star rating, this mini holder sticks onto your dashboard and is 3/4" wide. (Keep this dimension in mind when adding to your cart as you want to make sure your balm will fit. One five-star reviewer says, "I looked all over for a solution for my chapstick... I hate having it loose, rolling around, having to dig for it when I'm driving, etc. This was such a perfect solution!"

Dropping items in the cracks of your car seats is a total headache. To prevent things from ending up in Car Narnia, try these neoprene fillers designed to stop items from falling into seat gaps. Based on our testing, we can confirm these seat gap fillers fit around most seatbelt catches, and the squishy, stretchy material works in most cars. We've tested it in over two dozen vehicles and have yet to have a problem.

Get the gunk out of tight spaces with this car detailing tool. This cleaning gel can be used on air vents and other car interior spaces that collect dust and can be difficult to clean. Reuse until the putty gets dark and then it's time for a new one — priced under $7 this cleaning tool won't break the bank.

While having a clean and organized car is important, so is road safety. This emergency tool features a glass-breaking hammer and a blade for cutting your seatbelt off in dangerous situations. It comes in pink or black and includes an adjustable car visor strap for easy access.

All sorts of accidents can happen, so it's best to be prepared. This AAA-approved emergency car kit comes with 42 unique items for all sorts of unfortunate situations. It includes jumper cables, first aid supplies, a flashlight and other disaster preparedness essentials to keep you safe on the road.

It can get chilly almost any time of year once the sun goes down. Whether you're going to a drive-in movie, camping with a car air mattress or just need a little extra warmth while running errands during the winter, this electric blanket has got you covered. The 59- by 43-inch blanket plugs right into your car's power outlet, is available in six different colors and is priced under $25.

If you've been on the road for a while now, then you have probably had a flat tire once or twice. That's where a portable tire inflator comes in handy to help get you out of a sticky situation. This affordable pick has a comfortable handle and multiple features including a digital pressure gauge, USB port for charging other electronics and a built-in light so you can inflate your flat tire at night if needed. We also appreciate that you can power it via the included 20-volt battery or plug it into your car's outlet.

If your car doesn't have a built-in backup camera, it's easy to add one. We named this Amazon's Choice camera our best overall pick in our most recent guide to the best backup cameras. It's loaded with features including a 12-inch display and a high-definition camera that can record and take pictures. Attaching it to your rearview mirror is pretty straightforward but you will have to run a cable through your car.

Cups come in so many different sizes, from coffee mugs to water bottles to soft drinks from your favorite fast-food restaurant — and sometimes they simply don't fit in your car's cup holder. This cup holder expander allows you to fit any size cup and make it easier to reach. It's available in black or grey, and the base expands to keep the extender in place.

Per a Reddit thread discussing car accessories you need, a top contender was all-weather floor mats to more easily collect mud, slush and other dirt or debris so your interior stays clean. We like this Amazon's Choice set available in six different colors. It's designed to withstand wear and tear and has rubber nibs on the bottom to help keep the mats in place. You can also trim the frontseat and backseat mats to fit your car.

This awesome Echo smart home device can be a game changer for long car rides. The slim design will look sleek in your car and you can ask Alexa to stream a playlist or your favorite podcast as well as make calls, reply to texts and even turn off the lights at home if you forgot when running out the door that morning. No more fumbling with your phone to change the music or relying on a passenger for help!

When there has been a snowstorm, cleaning off your car is paramount to your safety and the safety of others on the road. You'll want this snow scraper to do the job. Equipped with a non-abrasive foam head as well as a built-in ice scraper on the other end, you'll be able to tackle both soft and hard snow or ice. We like that you can expand and contract the handle so you can reach the top of a tall vehicle and then store it in your trunk.

Similar to a sofa slipcover, car seat covers help protect your seats from stains and offer an added layer of comfort if you find your seats to be less than ideal during long drives. These covers by the popular construction company, CAT, have over 7,300 Amazon customer reviews, are made from 100% polyester for durability and have a foam backing to help improve comfort and breathability.

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37 Best Car Accessories on Amazon 2024, Reviewed by Experts

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