Q-NEX Revolutionizes Lecturing Environments with New Launch of Digital Podium NDP100

FUZHOU, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / August 25, 2023 / Q-NEX, as a leading provider of audio-visual control solutions for higher education, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest product: the Digital Podium NPD100. It is set to transform lecturing environments, such as classrooms, auditoriums, and seminar halls, by seamlessly integrating devices and offering powerful remote control and management capabilities. This all-in-one podium aims to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

Key Features of the Q-NEX Digital Podium 4k Document Camera

Q-NEX Revolutionizes Lecturing Environments with New Launch of Digital Podium NDP100

The digital podium combines multimedia equipment, interactive design, and automation for enhanced teaching and presentations. Q-NEX's NDP100 includes an interactive pen display, Network Media Processor, detachable PC module, mics, document camera, and touch panel for versatile control. It integrates multimedia, touch control, built-in AV gear, external device ports, and cloud connectivity.

1. Interactive Pen Display PD150 With A Electromagnetic Pen: Teachers can use the interactive pen display PD150 with touch or electromagnetic pen, supporting PCAP and EMR touch for dynamic teaching content display, enhancing presentations in various settings.

2. Networked Media Processor (NMP): The Networked Media Processor manages connectivity and remote control, accessing online resources and enhancing presentations for higher academic value.

3. Touch Panel: The stylish PoE-powered control panel enables effortless classroom management with built-in apps for power, video, climate, and projector control, enhancing efficiency.

4. OPS detachable PC module: The OPS detachable PC module serves as an integrated high-performance computer, allowing presenters to operate Windows effortlessly. With a powerful processor and ample memory, it efficiently handles multimedia content, images, and videos.

5. Gooseneck microphone & Document camera: The Q-NEX NDP100 includes a document camera and gooseneck microphone for real-time display and voice transmission, supporting versatile presentation styles with intelligent control for enhanced interactivity.

"The Q-NEX smart podium NDP100 is a versatile tool for interactive classrooms, conference rooms, and auditoriums," stated Ms. Amanda Cole, Q-NEX's VP of Product Marketing. "It adds dynamism and interactivity to lessons, benefiting both teachers and students with features like real-time collaboration, video conferencing, digital whiteboarding, and seamless content sharing."

The Q-NEX digital podium NDP100, as an integrated teaching solution, brings remarkable convenience to teachers:

1. Maximizing Teaching Time: The NDP100 offers one-click control, helping teachers efficiently manage multimedia devices and save valuable teaching time.

2. Elevating Presentations: Achieve seamless audio and video integration for an immersive learning environment, captivate students' attention, and boost classroom outcomes with one-touch activation that frees teachers from setup hassles.

3. Convenient Live Broadcast: The smart podium enables live campus-wide classroom session broadcasting, overcoming geographical constraints and enhancing inclusive education through remote learning possibilities.

4. Saving Energy and Reducing Workload: The NDP100's automated scheduling optimizes energy use, reduces teacher workload by activating classroom equipment as needed, promoting sustainability, and allowing educators to focus on impactful teaching and student interactions.

5. Enhanced Teaching Efficiency: Empowering educators, the electronic podium enhances teaching efficiency, facilitating smooth presentation navigation and inspiring students with captivating content.

6. Enriching Learning Experiences: Inspiring Students: The NDP100 creates interactive and dynamic lessons, sparking curiosity, encouraging active participation, and fostering a love for learning in the digital era.

NDP100 doesn't just bring numerous benefits to teachers; it also offers convenient solutions and tangible advantages to campus administrators:

1. Efficient device management: Leveraging the Q-NEX console, administrators efficiently manage NDP100-connected devices, saving time for essential tasks and improving overall execution.

2. Convenient campus communication: NDP100 not only excels in audio-visual display but also plays a vital role in campus communication, supporting real-time broadcasting of important activities, speeches, and emergency notifications for efficient and convenient information dissemination.

3. Simplify the procurement process: The NDP100 combines essential components for superior audiovisual quality and smart control, enhancing both technical performance and the campus AV equipment procurement process. The "one package delivery" concept streamlines procurement, offering schools a convenient, efficient, and resource-saving solution.

4. Tailored Solutions for Your Needs: At Q-NEX, we understand the uniqueness of each educational setting. We offer customization options for digital podium solutions, ensuring personalized solutions to enhance teaching experiences and foster enriched learning environments. Please consult with us to explore the possibilities!

For more information about Q-NEX digtal podium NDP100, please visit the Q-NEX website page at

Q-NEX, a subsidiary of Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co, Ltd, is a leading provider of innovative solutions for the education industry. With nearly 20 years of AV control solution experience, we offer cutting-edge solutions under the lQ and Q-NEX brands. Our focus is on interactive teaching, audio-video conferencing, and comprehensive campus solutions for centralized device control and AV distribution. Our latest product, the Networked Media Processor, simplifies operations in multimedia classrooms for teachers and IT administrators.

SOURCE: Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd

Q-NEX Revolutionizes Lecturing Environments with New Launch of Digital Podium NDP100

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