Top Golf Course Coolers: Keep Your Drinks Cold on the Green

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The best coolers for the golf course play a bigger role for some players than others. A cold beverage is probably not a top priority if you’re a dedicated purist player who hits the links to play golf with maximum focus. A simple water bottle or a Gatorade will do you just fine. However, if you’re a recreational player or a weekend hacker, alcoholic beverages play a major role in a given round of golf.  Golf Car Club Car

Top Golf Course Coolers: Keep Your Drinks Cold on the Green

For those golfers who are more excited about a six-pack than a par 5, manufacturers of the best coolers for the golf course design multiple containers to keep your beer, hard seltzer, or wine cold. (Yes, you can put soft drinks in there, too, but who are we kidding?). Many golf coolers look like any other familiar hard carrier from Coleman or Igloo. Others use soft materials that pack away nicely once empty. Finally, some compact models can even fit in your golf bag.

This collection of the best coolers for the golf course includes quality options for all of the above. The best news is a good golf cooler is often one of the more affordable, valuable accessories you can take to your next round.

Best Yeti: Yeti Hopper Flip 8 Soft Cooler Best budget: Dongawin Golf Cooler Bag Best traditional design: Igloo Legend 6-Can Cooler Best for your golf bag: Caddyswag Golf Bag Cooler Best sleeve cooler: Coleman C018 Soft Can Cooler Sleeve Best for push carts: Clicgear Cooler Tube Best for the hardcore golfer: Maxfli Golf Bag Cooler Best compact: Callaway Clubhouse Mini Cooler Best Ice Free: Kanga Retro Race 12-Pack Kase Mate Best bag cooler: TaylorMade Supreme Cart Bag

All of us around here own a cooler or two. Many of us use an insulated bag to carry a lunch or a picnic now and then. We used our experience to navigate through the major brands and manufacturers. Then, we studied customer reactions and reviews of those big-name choices and coolers offered by well-known golf manufacturers.

Benefits — Holds 11 12-oz cans — Tough construction — Reliable manufacturer

Drawbacks — Expensive — Not golf specific

Yeti has a well-earned reputation for making rugged, reliable products, from individual thermos cups to large coolers. The Yeti Hopper Flip 8 Soft Cooler is the smallest in a line of three similar drink carriers (with the largest holding 30 12-ounce cans). This version holds an oddly random 11 such cans, but it’s a perfect size for a cart while not being impossibly large to tag along on a walking round.

At $200, the Yeti Hopper Flip 8 Soft Cooler is easily the most expensive choice here. Still, you’re buying that Yeti resilience and tough construction that promises to last for years. This multi-sport product will fit easily on most golf carts when used for golf. If caught in bad weather, the Yeti Hopper has a proprietary DryHide Shell, Coldcell Insulation, and a Hydrolok Zipper to keep everything cold, dry, and leak-free.

Dimensions: 12.4 W x 8.6 D x 10.6 H in. | Features: Leak-proof zipper, tough construction | Capacity: 11 12-oz cans

Drawbacks — Small capacity — Simple build quality — Limited insulation

Looking for a budget golf cooler and ice bag? We suggest this $9 Golf Cooler Bag from Dongawin. It’s admittedly smaller than most of the items in this collection, but it’ll still prove large enough to hold six 12-ounce cans with a little room left for ice or a small ice pack. You can carry it by its handle, use the included shoulder strap, or lay it flat in the back of your golf cart.

The insulation is thin due to the compact nature of the bag’s design, but it’s made of waterproof material. The bag is still big enough to include a pocket for golf tees and another for a bottle opener or corkscrew.

Dimensions: 3.2 W x 6.5 D x 16.1 H in. | Features: 6-can capacity, golf tee bag, waterproof | Capacity: 6 12-oz cans

Benefits — Classic design — Reliable manufacturer — Inexpensive

Most families have owned an Igloo cooler or two over the decades. It’s a well-known brand that still relies on that classic ice-chest look of past eras. The long-tested simplicity of the Igloo design lends durability and reliability to the Igloo Legend 6-Can Cooler, even in this smaller size. 

At just $23, there’s a bargain to be had here — an effective, name-brand cooler with reliable build quality. Still, it’s not a golf-specific design and would prove a burden for anyone walking a golf course. It’s an easy choice to set in the back of your golf cart, though, filled with your chosen beverages, ice, or ice packs. If you like an old-fashioned look, the styling will satisfy your tastes.

Dimensions: 10.81 L x 8.06 W x 7.38 H in. | Features: Durable, classic design, designed for vehicles | Capacity: 6 12-oz cans

Benefits — Guaranteed cold for 18 holes — Fits in most full-size golf bags — No ice required

Drawbacks — Small size — Limited insulation

A fresh-faced brand on the golf accessory scene, Caddyswag first jumped to national notoriety on the TV competitive investment show “Shark Tank.” The brand focuses on the less-disciplined, more fun side of modern golf and assumes some beer or booze is essential for that.

The Caddyswag Golf Bag Cooler holds the traditional six 12-ounce cans in a frame small enough to fit directly inside a full-size, 14-club golf bag (whether stand, cart, or carry). Its compact size limits the insulation inside, but the manufacturer guarantees your drinks (or snacks) will stay cold for the full 18 holes.

Dimensions: 19 L x 8 W x 1.5 H in. | Features: Fits inside a golf bag, maintains cold for a full round | Capacity: 6 12-oz cans

Benefits — Fits in most golf bags — Compact design — Shoulder carry

Drawbacks — Minimal insulation — Not leak-proof

Coleman is another of those legendary cooler brands, though the company is also known for its lanterns and camping equipment. The C018 Soft Can Cooler Sleeve departs from the more familiar ice chest-style cooler shape in favor of a long insulated tube capable of carrying six 12-ounce cans.

The C018 isn’t designed just for golf, but its dimensions offer a convenient option for golfers. Depending on the size of your golf bag — if you’re using a full capacity, 14-club bag — this Coleman Sleeve should fit inside your club carrier’s main storage compartment. That means you can carry it two ways. In addition to toting it along with your sticks, its full-length shoulder strap lets you sling it over your back and hold it like a quiver of arrows.

Dimensions: 3.35 L x 28.35 W x 0.39 H in. | Features: Fits in a golf bag, shoulder strap, double-sided access | Capacity: 6 12-oz cans

Benefits — Designed for golf push carts — Guaranteed for 18-hole use — Insulated nylon

This is a specific golf design aimed at walking players who prefer to use a push cart instead of carrying clubs in loop. As its name hints, the Clicgear Cooler Tube clicks onto most standard push carts. The manufacturer guarantees the Cooler Tube will keep your drinks cold throughout your 18 holes.

It’s made of waterproof, insulated nylon that’ll withstand wet weather if you walk into a storm out on the links. It’s a smaller design that snaps onto your cart, capable of carrying only two 12-ounce cans. Still, you wouldn’t want much more capacity than that if you keep your pushcart balanced.

Dimensions: 4.5 L x 10 H in. | Features: Hangs on golf pushcart, guaranteed cold for a full round | Capacity: 2 12-oz cans

Benefits — Golf item storage — 10-can capacity + ice — Clips on a golf bag

Drawbacks — Lighter construction — Not leak-proof

Maxfli is a long-standing golf ball and accessory maker known for its adequately-made items at affordable prices. In the case of the Maxfli Golf Bag Cooler, you get a 10-can capacity cooler that you can carry over your shoulder, set in the back of your golf cart, or clip on your bag. 

It’s a good choice for hardcore golfers because Maxfli designed its Golf Bag Cooler to serve as a sort of mini-golf bag. Of course, it can’t carry your clubs, but it has spaces and pockets to carry tees, ball markers, divot tools, and more. The Maxfli offering is ideal for walking a good par-3 course in which you only need a few clubs and a couple of drinks.

Dimensions: 13.8 L x 10.2 W x 6.8 H in. | Features: Golf bag clip, golf item storage | Capacity: 10 12-oz cans

Benefits — Compact — Light — Reliable brand

The Callaway Clubhouse Mini Cooler hits a sweet spot — large enough for six 12-ounce cans while sitting happily in the back of a golf cart but small enough to be carried easily on your shoulder if you’re walking a course. It’d be nice if it could clip onto your bag or your pull cart, but its shoulder strap cooperates with your golf bag well enough if you’re in loop.

For an affordable price, you’re buying a product with the tried and tested name of a longtime golf manufacturing giant. Callaway doesn’t put its name on shabby work, and this small design is built well enough. It’s sealed against leaking and has a thermal lining to keep your beverages cold throughout the round.

Dimensions: 9 L x 5.75 W in. x 5.75 H | Features: Compact design, sealed against leaking | Capacity: 6 12-oz cans

Benefits — Long time cold (and ice free!) — 11 color and pattern options — Retro styling

Known for its sporty, eye-catching coolers and drinkware, Kanga offers up this interesting design intended for a 12-pack of 12-ounce cans. Just unzip and slide the Kanga Retro Race 12-Pack Kase Mate easily over the full 12-pack, zip it up, and get out on the course. Once packed up, the Retro Race guarantees to keep drinks cold for up to seven hours. That’s right… ice free!

Since retro is right there in the name, Kanga designers ensured the cooler’s colorful aesthetics offer a throwback to that ‘60s/’70s aura. It’s an all-purpose cooler, so it’s not made specifically with golf in mind. However, its ergonomics make it a good choice for a golf cart as it’ll fit easily in most golf buddy cargo compartments.

Dimensions: 16 L x 6 W x 11 H in. | Features: Guaranteed cold up to 7 hours, 12-can capacity | Capacity: 12-pack of 12-oz cans

Benefits — Larger insulated drink pocket — Carries your clubs — 12 color options

Drawbacks — Not a traditional golf cooler — More expensive than a standard golf cooler

It’s fair enough to complain that this isn’t a cooler. This is a golf bag. Aren’t those two very specific product categories that can coexist but not replace one another? In the case of the TaylorMade Supreme Cart Bag, we can consider it a marriage of both products. It has a larger-than-usual insulated cooler pocket that holds both beverages and food. (The amount of depends on your drinking and dining choices.)

You’ll spend more on the Supreme Cart Bag than you will on most golf coolers because, as noted, it’s not a golf cooler. It’s a full-function golf bag that holds 14 clubs and offers all pockets and compartments an all-purpose club carrier must offer. The cart and carry bag comes in 12 color combinations, but all versions have that extended cooler compartment.

Dimensions: Full-size, 14-club, 5.5 lb golf bag | Features: Full-size golf bag, 12 colors | Capacity: Not specified, but includes 11 pockets for food and drinks

If you bypass walking a championship-length golf course in favor of a motorized cart, you’ll likely find a basic, hard-sided cooler waiting on the side of the vehicle. Obviously, the idea of a cooler on the golf course isn’t an alien concept. This collection is on hand to offer you ideas if you’d rather bring your own cooler best suited to your choice of beverages. Whether you take the cart, carry your clubs, or bring a push cart, there’s a cooler waiting to serve you.

Picking the right cooler is more about how you play than what you drink. Consider how you most often approach a round. Do you walk? Do you carry your clubs? Do you use a push cart? Do you drive? Answering these questions will make the critical decisions for you. 

Cost shouldn’t be too big of a factor in choosing one of the best coolers for the golf course. Since we’re talking about compact products here, they rarely climb above $40, regardless of manufacturer. (That Yeti Hopper is an obvious exception, but you’re paying for a rugged reputation there.) Keep in mind what you like to drink and how you want to carry it.  

Do you play golf alone? You shouldn’t need more than a small cooler that carries a six-pack or more. Do you more often take on the game with friends or in full foursomes? In that case, it’s always best to share. Go bigger for your pals.

We return to the question of how you play. You won’t lug a hard-sided cooler around with you if you’re walking a golf course. Those work with carts. You can hang a soft-sided cooler from a push cart. You can pack a sleeve cooler in your golf bag for a walking round. Again, these golf coolers are designed more for how you approach the sport.

Most do. In fact, if you use a cart, many finer golf courses give you a small cooler onboard. The clubhouse crew packs it with ice and sends you on your way with a water or two. You decide what else you want to pack in that small cart cooler. Meanwhile, the marshalls will allow you to take along your own cooler with the understanding that you’re not going to litter the course — and you’re not going fuel up and behave like a drunken oaf hole to hole.

A golf bag cooler is built to attach to your golf bag or to fit inside its largest zip-up pocket. They’re designed as insulated sleeves or larger envelope style. Regardless, these coolers are compact enough to move with you and your golf bag as you play. 

For golf purposes, either a hard cooler or an insulated cooler bag can work. It all depends on how you matriculate up the golf course. A traditional cooler cooperates best if you take a cart. A lighter insulated bag will prove more agreeable if you walk in loop or carry your clubs.

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Top Golf Course Coolers: Keep Your Drinks Cold on the Green

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