Best Reed Diffusers: 15 Top Picks For Every Room In Your Home

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From light florals to sultry musky scents. Essential Oil Diffuser Sticks

Best Reed Diffusers: 15 Top Picks For Every Room In Your Home

Much like scented candles, reed diffusers utilise the power of scent to turn your living room into a relaxing, inviting space as soon as you step through the door. But unlike candles which, for all their ambient qualities, require constant minding when lit, diffusers release a continual fragrance you can enjoy all day.

Diffusers are made up of reed sticks, typically crafted from natural materials like rattan and bamboo, dipped into a bottle of fragrance oil. The reeds soak up the oil and emit, or diffuse, the scent around the room. The more reeds, the more powerful the aroma.

Many brands offer fragrance oil refill packs, so you can replenish your supply without the need to buy a new bottle every time, saving unnecessary waste and money.

There’s a good array of diffusers available for all tastes and budgets, from luxury blends created by those in-the-know at higher-end perfumeries such as Jo Malone London, to well-priced steals at high street favourites like Habitat and The White Company.

Reed diffusers work constantly to fill your home with their aroma, while candles only work while lit. They tend to have better longevity too; some of the larger offerings can last up to an average of three months. And, while you don’t get that pretty flickering flame, they’re a safer option than candles as they pose no fire risk.

But be mindful to handle the diffuser bottles with care — the oils can stain clothing and furniture if spilled.

It’s best to flip the reeds once a week, or every couple of weeks, to allow the smell to permeate the room. Don’t turn them too often as it’ll speed up how quickly the oil evaporates, and your diffuser won’t last as long.

Reeds should be replaced every six months, as dust and oil buildup can prevent them working effectively.

We tried 15 reed diffusers in various rooms for a minimum of two days, to find the chicest, most beautifully fragranced options with a scent throw that'll permeate even the largest of rooms.

We’ve rounded up our top picks below, including new seasonal blends from Acqua di Parma and Ormonde Jayne, through to some of our old favourites from The White Company and Neom.

The White Company’s signature Seychelles candle is an old favourite of mine, so I was excited to try it in diffuser form.

Rich amber and buttery vanilla are balanced by zesty bergamot for a scent that’s as beguiling as it is sophisticated. It’s complex but not overpowering, and a few hours after opening it gave a gentle aroma to a fairly large room.

Habitat continues to surprise us with its chic yet purse-friendly homeware range. Its new winter collection includes this warming Fireside diffuser, filled with earthy and calming notes of leather, clove and saffron.

It doesn't have the most permeating smell — as you might expect at just £6.75 — but it looks fancy in its frosted holder and would make a great gift.

A matching candle is available here.

Sweet and spicy, this Furn reed diffuser will give your space a warm and inviting feel all year round. It’ll work especially well now when you’re more likely to be getting cosy under a blanket.

When I tried it, the scent filled my large living room effectively, making my surroundings smell delicious.

My only note is that removing the stopper proved challenging — so much so that I had to ask my partner for help!

A coordinating candle and room spray are also available.

I’ve yet to find a Rituals scent that I don’t like, so it’s no surprise I love the Ritual of Sakura diffuser.

A soothing yet sweet combination of rice milk and cherry blossom made my space smell clean and fresh, effectively filling a large room without being too overbearing. The ribbed white bottle is stylish, too.

A smaller 70ml option is also available.

I’m a big fan of Urban Apothecary’s sophisticated reed diffuser, housed in a glossy, hand-blown glass bottle. Warming amber and patchouli are blended with lighter rose and jasmine to make a playful, sensuous fragrance.

It has one of the best scent throws in this roundup, with an impressive staying power that filled my large living room well, without being too intense. I've had mine open since August and it's still going strong — very impressive!

After The Rain is the signature scent of Scottish lifestyle brand ARRAN, remaining one of its bestsellers since it was first released in 1989. It’s designed to resemble a summer garden after a rainstorm, with a light floral blend of rose, lime and sandalwood.

The aroma effectively filled my living room without being too intense, catching my attention every time I entered the space. The matching candle and room spray are just as fabulous.

Bon Parfumeur’s aromatic perfume and candle range has left me wanting more ever since I discovered it last year so, naturally, I was intrigued by the French beauty brand’s diffuser collection.

Admittedly, I wondered if I’d made the right decision with the 03 scent; it smelt overpowering when first uncapped. But it gradually settled into a warming, deep scent that’s ideal for the cosy season. Expect a spicy burst of patchouli, mixed with sweet tonka bean and seductive leathery notes.

Italian brand Acqua di Parma has amassed many celebrity fans since its inception in 1916, including actresses Ava Gardner and Gemma Arterton, so you can trust you're in good hands with its home fragrance line.

Its latest seasonal range features this Bosco diffuser, filled with crisp natural notes to encapsulate the smell of pine trees and fresh mountain air.

One of my favourites, it’s been a welcome addition to my living room in the run up to Christmas. It looks just as lovely as it smells, with holiday-inspired illustrations and lucky symbols from around the world, making it a decoration in its own right.

A matching candle is also available.

Here’s a soothing aromatherapy-inspired reed diffuser from wellness brand ESPA. This expensive-smelling scent is designed to refresh and revitalise, with rosemary, eucalyptus and a sharp blast of peppermint.

It’s a great one for workspaces; I tested it in my home office and it helped to energise me for the day ahead. It became more subtle with time, but it was still apparent whenever I entered the room.

It’s also available as a candle.

Cowshed creates vegetarian-friendly wellness products designed to offer a spa-like aromatherapy experience at home.

The Replenish diffuser is a great introduction to the British brand, with zingy citrus notes that are reminiscent of fruity cocktails on summer days. It’s refreshing, but I found it quite overpowering, so it’s better suited to larger spaces than small rooms.

The transparent bottle should blend in discreetly with your existing decor, and makes it easy to see when it needs refilling.

I can always rely on Neom for its complex essential oil blends, designed to soothe and relax as well make your space smell great.

This De-Stress reed diffuser is a calming mix of lavender and jasmine, making it a great pick for bedrooms. It’s subtle enough for small spaces, while remaining detectable when entering the room. At 100ml, it’s one of the smallest on our list but it still lasted just under three months.

Neom’s full De-Stress range, featuring candles and bath milk, is available here.

Jo Malone’s Myrrh and Tonka reed diffuser has a strong woody base, tempered with sweet notes of vanilla and tonka bean that creates a warming, cosy ambience overall.

It’s quite a subtle scent and I could only smell it when close by, so it’s best suited for small rooms. Typical of Jo Malone’s signature refined style, it’s easy to blend into any type of decor and the squat bottle allows the reeds to fan out pleasingly.

London perfumer Miller Harris’ light floral aroma is fresh and summery, and the elegant rose-hued bottle is one of the prettiest on our list.

I found the scent throw wasn’t the strongest, even after flipping the reeds, so it’s best for smaller rooms. Nonetheless, it looked lovely in my bedroom, and it lasted just under two months.

The packaging is fully recyclable, too, with no plastic or cellophane in sight.

Maison Margiela’s luxury home scent range is so fun; each aroma represents a specific moment in time, be that a calming bubble bath or invigorating beach walk.

This one is inspired by sunny days spent enjoying matcha tea in Tokyo and smells exactly like the beloved Japanese drink. The sleek bottle is worth a mention, making a chic addition to any home.

There’s no denying that this luxury diffuser, by British perfumer Ormonde Jayne, is expensive — but I highly rate it for its sultry aroma and beautiful presentation.

A reimagining of the brand’s signature Montabaco candle, the diffuser oil, reeds and glass holder arrived in a beautiful red box decorated with gold embossed lettering. Inspired by Latin America, the suede and tobacco notes add a sophisticated richness to the scent, while light floral notes balance it out.

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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

Best Reed Diffusers: 15 Top Picks For Every Room In Your Home

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