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24 Best Quilts and Coverlets, Tested and Reviewed by Clever | Architectural Digest

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By Megan Wahn and Erika Owen

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Here’s a hot take: I think quilts and coverlets are superior to duvets and comforters. Having grown up in Georgia (where it’s mostly unbearably hot) and now living in New York City (where it gets insanely cold for four months then unbearably hot for another four), I’m pretty familiar with the swinging pendulum that weather can be. To make matters worse, I can’t stand having to switch out my bedding. The idea of needing to store a hefty comforter for fall and winter and something light for summer aggravates me to no end.

That said, I don’t ever want to sacrifice the sublime feeling of being cocooned in a bedding set as I gradually taper off into dreamland. Quilts, in my personal experience, are the best mid-weight solution to this Goldilocks sleeping conundrum. They’re the ideal weight for summer and won’t leave you in a pool of sweat every morning; and, in the winter, you can just throw one on top so you don’t wake up shivering.

Unlike other types of bedding, quilting and patchwork quilts are also a revered and historical art form used for expression, documenting important events, and communicating. What other bedding can show up in a museum—like the multidisciplinary artist Faith Ringgold’s narrative quilts in her recent American People exhibition at the New Museum—or document American history quite like the legendary quilters of Gee’s Bend?

Whether you’re looking for a work of art to function as a home decor element or something to make you feel cozy for all 12 months of the year, the Clever team tested and reviewed the best quilts and coverlets from retailers on the market worth keeping on your radar, including best budget or a microfiber coverlet options. We’ve also got a few honorable mentions as well.

If you happen to be on the lookout for your favorite “coastal grandma” button-down linen top in the quilt form, Brooklinen’s Linen Quilt in White Diamond is for you. As someone who is very sensitive to certain fabric textures, I found this 100% linen quilt to be softer to the touch than most linen products I’ve come across. One of my biggest pet peeves is falling asleep feeling warm, especially in the summer months, and I was hesitant to use this product, thinking it might be on the heavier side. To my surprise, the quilt was very lightweight, super cooling and breathable. And the high-quality elements don’t end there. The stitching showed no signs of pulling on the threads, which is always a green flag. Since the crisp white color of this simple yet stylish quilt is very neutral, I can definitely imagine it being versatile when fitting into a specific decor aesthetic. From a French country farmhouse to a prewar city apartment, this quilt is bound to look good in any space. —Rebecca Grambone, associate social media manager

Dobby Ladder Stripe Coverlet & Shams

This coverlet couldn’t have come to me at a better time. I’m a hot sleeper 365 days a year and, when summer comes, I’m just miserable under a quilt. So, when I had my first night under the West Elm coverlet last summer, I was astonished. It’s got the perfect sort of weight for that “covered” feeling, but it’s so light and cool, it’s like a dream (even when I’m awake). Not to mention it’s ridiculously soft embroidered stripes, which, having had a cat for many years, I feel would actually stand up to some clawing quite well. If you like soft, cool bedding in the summer, I’m telling you, this is a great choice. Get just the coverlet or purchase a few matching pillow shams (in a standard, king, or Euro size).—Elise Portale, contributor

Boll & Branch Heritage Quilt Set

This is not your grandma’s quilt. The dense quilting stitch that is said to take eight times longer to embroider transforms your bed into one that is fit for the Plaza Hotel (not that I've ever been there, just that this quilt has a certain luxurious je ne sais quoi). The texture is silky-soft like your favorite fancy pajamas, but that also means it’s a little shinier than I would have expected (which kind of ups the hotel factor). Given that the decor in my apartment is very neutral, this quilt unfortunately will not be displayed as a top layer but rather will be tucked under a duvet throughout the cold winter season, so I can still enjoy it without it throwing off the vibe of the room. —Kelsey Borovinsky, contributor

West Elm European Flax Linen Box Stitch Quilt

After a lifetime of duvets and comforters, West Elm’s European Flax Linen Box Stitch Quilt convert ed me into a quilt purist. Needless to say, I haven’t looked back since. I bought this when I moved to New York about a year ago and, like your favorite pair of jeans, it’s only gotten more comfortable in that well-loved kind of way. It’s the optimal softness and weight for all seasons—warm enough when paired with a throw blanket during the winter, but also light enough to keep me pleasantly cool in the summer—that I’ve never had to dedicate any space or time to the arduous bedding-change process whenever the weather turns. Though it’s shown very little wear over the last year, it does seem to have a few small pulls in the fabric (although, in my opinion, it kind of adds to the overall “lived-in” feel and look of the quilt). The quilt comes in a few earth-toned color options, and you can also purchase a bedding set that comes with matching shams. To me, this quilt isn’t just some big glorified blanket—it’s the safe haven I look forward to hugging around me at the end of every night, 365 days of the year. —Megan Wahn, associate commerce editor

There’s something about a channeled quilt that brings to mind swinging open the linen closet door come fall and picking through the stacks of collected blankets for one more layer. Despite the style’s longevity, it still feels incredibly classic to this day. There’s just one difference with Schoolhouse’s iteration: It’s far too pretty—with its wide channeling and subtly ruched texture—to ever want to hide it away in the closet. Luckily, it’s light enough to cover the bed year-round and reversible, should you want to flip the pigment-rich side for a quieter heather-gray option as seasons change. Made of 100% cotton, the layer is nicely breathable (great news for those who sleep at a warm body temperature but still desire a quilted topper) and machine washable. Both sides are also wonderfully soft—so much so that it could double as a cozy layer on the sofa for movie nights. —Melissa Studach, associate editor

If you’re a duvet type of person (like myself) a coverlet might feel like a curious type of product. Not quite quilt, not quite blanket, it’s presumably what many sleepers opt to use during the warmer months of the year. For those tried-and-true fans of this type of home good, Parachute’s Matelasse Coverlet makes for a solid option. Its oatmeal-y color is a nice, natural neutral, but its stitched details are the true hero attribute. While the stitching looks like it could snag overtime, mine so far has not. The cotton fabric covering, which was made in Portugal, is even machine washable—meaning those hooked on the duvet-cover life should rid themselves of any potential cleaning fears. Still, as appealing as this product may be, it would likely be most appreciated by preexisting coverlet fans, as opposed to those looking to make a change for the sake of change. —Madeleine Luckel, design editor

Riley Home Textured Cotton Coverlet

Most people who know me are fully aware that I am not a fan of New York summers, particularly for the hot and sticky nights that make sleeping in the city impossible. I’ve always rotated between a light duvet (still too heavy) or just sticking to a top sheet (not substantial enough) for trying to find a decent sleep setup in the warm months. That is until I tried the Riley textured cotton coverlet. Made in Portugal, it’s 100% OEKO-TEX certified cotton and delightfully soft—light as air, but still provides enough of a weight that I feel cradled. It almost feels like a nice vintage T-shirt, but it also looks lovely laid across the bed. I also frequently use it in winter for doubling up in bed or curling up on the couch, though I’ll admit that it’s best used as a layer (perfect for fall), since the style is fairly understated for a throw. —Rachel Fletcher, senior commerce editor

I would gladly have Ellen Van Dusen design my entire world—so it should come as no surprise that Dusen Dusen’s green check coverlet takes a top spot among my favorite bedding I’ve tried (and trust me, I’ve tried a lot!). Since this coverlet set makes a statement on its own, I’ve been outfitting it with some simple and elegant linen sheets (though the brand has plenty of patterned sets that would also match beautifully). The coverlet has a lightweight design and an airy quality that’s been perfect for spring-to-summer weather, but it’s also super cozy on chillier nights when paired with a nice fuzzy throw (like this one from Kassatex). As for the textile pattern, I’ve never been more eager for bedtime. The cream and seafoam palette provides just the right pop of color, while the checkerboard itself feels like a chic update on a classic motif (not to mention the delightful matching shams really tie the whole look together). The cotton material was already supremely soft straight out of the bag, but since tossing it into the laundry for a wash (just make sure you follow the care instructions!), it’s even softer and gauzier than before, making me excited to sleep with this bedding for years to come. —Audrey Lee, commerce writer

After seeing her incredible cover story come together, it came as no surprise that interior designer Justina Blakeney knocked it out of the park with this quilt from her brand, Jungalow. It’s light, breathable and, of course, looks adorable in my plant-filled bedroom. The faded dusty-salmon hue is the optimal neutral-without-being-boring solid color and paired up perfectly with a set of my favorite sage green linen sheets. Inspired by tiles from all over the world, the gauzy fabric is laced with intricate stitching. Upon closer inspection, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the details, especially for such an affordable price. As a die-hard duvet user (and clumsy bedside coffee drinker), I must admit that I was a little concerned about cleaning a quilt. But my trepidation turned out to be unnecessary because this one is machine washable, and you can even throw it in the dryer. —Lizzie Soufleris, associate visuals editor

This coverlet is what I have been searching for the past five years while living in New York. Made in Portugal, the Pacific Coverlet from Matouk is crafted using 100% OEKO-TEX certified cotton and has a pebbled texture that brings a casual refinery to the bedroom. It is the perfect weight, and the charcoal color is rich but still soft and not too dark with the incorporation of white yarn. —Kelsey Borovinsky, contributor

Bolé Road Textiles Afar Coverlet

Looking at this king-size coverlet draped across my bed, I can’t help thinking that this is what we all had in mind when we collectively declared we were having a “coastal grandma” summer. The cooly colored Bolé Road Afar coverlet looks like it belongs in a Cape Cod or Nantucket summer home—resting on a bed in front of a floor-to-ceiling window framed by diaphanous white linen curtains. The fabric swaths around my body each night like a butterfly’s cocoon, instantly transporting me from my childhood bedroom to the guest room in that New England cottage. If you’re someone who runs a bit colder at night or looking for something for winter, this coverlet might not be substantial enough for you (it feels a bit more like another sheet than a bedspread). But if you’re looking for a new beach-house blanket or planning on spending the summer sans A.C. and just with your windows open, keep this coverlet on your list. —M.W.

My husband and I are both hot sleepers, so we lasted all of about three midwest winter nights under the supposedly “all-seasons” down comforter we’d received as a wedding gift. For years, I made small adjustments to our bedding to try and find the right level of cool and cozy, and found that even linen sheets couldn’t save us from the oppressive heat of a heavy bedspread or quilt. By the time I ordered this gray gossamer coverlet-like cotton blanket from The Company Store, it was mostly for aesthetic purposes—I wanted something to conceal the individual lightweight throws on each side of our king-size bed. But it turned out to be the perfect solution for us. When paired with crisp cotton sheets, the three thin layers feel cozy yet breathable, and the warm gray color is incredibly versatile. While I miss the fluffy look of a comforter, the blanket’s subtle pattern adds a little texture and visual interest. We’ve been using it for five years now, and save for a few snags (that I blame on my dog) it’s held up wonderfully. —Emily Farris, senior food commerce writer

Sage & Olive Two-Tone Quilt

If you're looking for a coverlet or quilt bedding to do some heavy lifting in your bedroom decor, look no further than Bed Thread's Quilted Bed Cover. Available in a range of colors from oatmeal to turmeric, the standout offerings are the two-tone options. Folded over, they feel like a design choice without the weight of multiple blankets on one bed. Plus, Bed Threads is known for high quality materials that feel just as luxurious as they look. Talk about the best of both worlds. —Erika Veurink, contributor

Morrow Soft Goods Maeve Coverlet Set

I’ve never really invested in bedding before buying this Morrow Soft Goods Maeve coverlet but I am now a DISCIPLE of good bedding. I’ve had this coverlet for over a year and it only gets better with age: the material is softer than it was when I first got it after several washes and I’m just as in love with the fabric as I was when I bought the piece. There has been no snagging or rips to speak of. I have a 20 pound dog—not big but also not super tiny and light—who jumps around in bed, plays with toys, and overall loves to roughhouse, so I’m glad to have a blanket that is able to withstand all that and not show wear while not looking boring. I live in New York City and use it by itself in warm months and with a duvet or a thick quilt in the cold months. A lot of brands claim “heirloom quality,” but after years of living with Morrow Soft Goods products, I really believe it and trust that the company is actually invested in sustainability and creating things that last in a thoughtful way. —Rachel Davies, associate digital features editor

I'm a big believer in keeping bedrooms pretty minimalist. I live in New York and feel like it helps me unwind by having a space that's mostly neutral colors but still cozy. This coverlet by Sunday Citizen fits the bill and since it's double-sided, it seamlessly transitions from warmer months to colder ones. Other practical benefits are that it thrives in my washing machine, frequently finds its way to my couch for movie night, and helped me finally end my relationship with duvet covers, so I dread laundry day a little less now. —Abid Haque, contributor

Riverbrook Home Exclusive Coverlet Collection Quilt Set

Feel like you’re living the hotel life every night with this coverlet off Amazon. The chic quilted stripe is a modern take on the classic pattern, and the coverlet is available in six colors, ranging from ivory to teal. Plus this is a great option if you’re on a budget, since it comes with two matching pillowcases.

We've never been disappointed by anything from Saatva, be it mattresses, furniture or sheets. The brands commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable practices is reason enough to check their products out, but they've been doing the quiet luxury look since before most of us had ever heard the term. Expect fine fabrics, understated color palettes and quality construction.

Handmade in India and designed in Brooklyn, this 60" x 60" quilt is made of 100% organic cotton sateen. Luxe feel and splurge potential aside, the hand-stitched constellations decorating this blanket make it a conversation starter you’ll treasure for years to come. It’s a refreshing update on the classic quilt pattern, that’s for sure.

Each of these blankets recycles approximately 30 plastic bottles, so you’re doing good while you snooze. Designed with an ultrasmooth fiber blend—it only gets softer the more you wash it—and dyed with chemical-free colors, the quilted pattern will add a playful touch to your bedroom.

Sporting an oversized box stitch, this quilt is a great year-round option. But the thing we love the most is the color options—all 14 of them. The blanket was designed to match The Citizenry’s entire line of stonewashed linen bedding, but the rich colors are easy to mix and match with all kinds of patterns and textures.

Quince is known for its quality, budget-friendly linen—from pajamas to bedding. Available in seven colors and three sizes, the midweight linen construction is a good layer to use all year round. Plus it’s ultrasoft and comfy.

An array of quilt squares gives this blanket a vintage vibe that pulls from traditional patchwork art. This quilt is constructed with individual squares of the brand’s Organic Crinkled Percale Sheets, a move made to honor the act of reusing fabric remnants—a popular method used in quilt circles around the world. And if you’re looking for something a bit more neutral, just flip this reversible quilt over. The quilt’s traditional look will add a certain coziness to your bed regardless.

Courtesy of Banana Republic’s recently launched home brand, the Lofty Silk quilt offers another bedding option sure to inject some hotel-level luxury into your space. The silk material combined with the pin-tuck stitches lend a plushness that makes the white quilt (also available in truffle grey or a blue slate color) even look a bit more like a duvet or comforter.

The graphic design of this quilt packs a ton of personality. It’s made with premium cotton and polyester threading—a combination made for comfort and longevity. Even better: It’s reversible, with two eye-catching color schemes on either side, perfect for the sleeper who can’t settle on just one bedroom color scheme.

24 Best Quilts and Coverlets, Tested and Reviewed by Clever | Architectural Digest

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